Principles of Immunization –
Dr. Fernando J. Ysern, MD

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Overview 2014 –
Dr. Fernando J. Ysern, MD

Poliovirus, Rotavirus, Measles,
Mumps & Rubella – Dra.Piovanetti, MD

Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis –
Dra. Zoe Rodriguez, MD

Meningococcal Diseases – Dr. Ricardo Fontanet, MD

Haemophilus Influenzae type b Hepatitis A-B
& Varicella – Cindy Calderón, MD

Human Papilloma Virus –
Diego Sainz de la Peña, MD

HPV Clinical Studies in Puerto Rico –
Ana Patricia Ortiz, PhD

H1N1 Puerto Rico Pandemic –
Johnny Rullán, MD

Influenza A and B –
Agripino Lugo, MD

Shingles TDAP –
Vanessa Olivo, MD

Pneumococcal Diseases –
Francisco Nelson Alvarado, MD

Immunization Schedule: Infants,
Adolescents, Adults – Fernando Ysern, MD

Statistics of Vaccine Preventable Diseases –
Miriam González, MPH

Vaccine Storage and Handling –
Giselle Rivera, PharmD

Vaccine Administration –
Teresa Rosa, RN

Fraud & Abuse –
Miriam González, MPH

Vaccine Safety and VAERS –
Nora Castro, MPH

Immunization Recommendation During
Pregnancy – Jose Cordero, MD, MPH

Immunization Legal Aspects –
Linette Sánchez, JD