Our youngest are the most vulnerable when it comes to serious illnesses and diseases. Newborns receive some natural immunity from their mother, but it quickly fades. That is why it’s very important to protect the health of your young child by making sure they receive all their immunizations on time.

The good news is that immunizations work. Most of us have never seen polio, diphtheria, whooping cough (pertussis) or other vaccine-preventable diseases thanks to the protection vaccines provide. Did you know that smallpox, a disfiguring and sometimes deadly disease, was erased in 1980? You won’t find polio in the United States, but it’s still a problem in some parts of the world. When a vaccine is introduced and widely used, often that disease quickly fades.

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Infants Immunization Schedule

Immunize your baby on time for the best protection.

  • Follow the Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule.
  • Learn about ways to comfort your baby during his or her vaccination.
  • Not vaccinating or delaying immunizations puts your child and your community at risk.

A baby’s immune system is like an eggshell – strong and fragile.

  • It is strong because it can handle many immunizations at the same time.
  • It is fragile because when a vaccine-preventable disease infects your baby, serious complications can occur.

If you are breastfeeding, immunizations are safe for you and your baby.

  • Keep it up! Breastfeeding and getting immunized are two of the best things you can do to keep your baby healthy and safe from disease.

Ask! It’s OK to have questions!

  • Ask your doctor or nurse about recommended immunizations and a vaccination plan for your child.
  • Talk with your doctor, nurse, or clinic about your immunization questions.

Your child is protected against:


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